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Constant up-gradation and use of modern technology in imparting teaching is the core strength of RBHS having an edge over other institutions in the state. We at RBHS regularly upgrade our infrastructure facilities to match the development.

Science Labs: 

RBHS believes that students should have sound practical training to substantiate theoretical expressions. It has developed full-fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Science. The innovative curriculum design helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation in the areas of scientific theories, life processes, materials and their physical & chemical properties. Students are given proper demonstrations and are expected to conduct these experiments as stipulated in their curriculum. Students along with their teachers are encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposium as well as science fairs.

Digital Classrooms:

The growth and development of the social structure, the scientific advancements are all the result of such selfless acts of sharing knowledge by the teachers with their students down the history. This positive approach and a flexible teaching method that is most appropriate to the situation are applied at RBHS, upgrading the facilities from time to time is essential too. To enrich the learning process, classrooms are provided with ‘Smart’ digital boards, which display project e- lessons of high-end animations that make complicated topics easy to grasp and retain.

Computer Labs:

The world is shrinking and coming together through the technological development made in the field of Information Technology that has become a very integral part of our life style. RBHS has understood the importance of staying abreast with this development and providing the same benefit to its students by establishing technology center in its campus. The center has the latest hardware and software needed to train its students. RBHS has also set up language and communication lab aimed at improving the oral and written communication skills of the students. The school has tie-ups with renowned organizations in the country to provide advanced learning software to the language labs. The course content is well planned in training the students in phonetics, group discussions and presentation skills.


Sports are not an alternative but the most essential aspect of education. It is a lesson on teamwork, coordination of mind and body, sharing and caring and most importantly toning the body and keeping fit. The school has well demarcated zone for sports and games. The students under the expert guidance of the professional trainers can hone their skills in sports and games of their choice during allocated hours.

Exceptionally talented students are encouraged to participate in several competitions to display their skills. These students are provided with special training by the experts and sponsorship are also organized to continue their interest. Over the years, RBHS with dedicated efforts has produced several States and National level sports personalities. Every year talented students, who bought laurels to the institution, are rewarded during the Annual Day Celebrations. 

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Students come to learn but at times they teach us many new things. At RBHS, students have the freedom, resources and the encouragement to demonstrate their innate and creative talents to the world. Those students who are exceptionally talented are also given adequate encouragement and opportunities to demonstrate their talents at the right platform. RBHS activity clubs are specifically set up with this purpose in mind. Every club has a teacher who plays the role of moderator and the students are the members of the club and they conduct the activities. The various clubs set up at RBHS include drawing, painting, pottery, origami, debates, elocution, dramatics, music, singing and so on. Students are also encouraged to organize science, arts and craft exhibitions in the school as well as participate in inter school competitions.

Hobby clubs provide the outlet for students to demonstrate their innate talents. Literary activities, Dramatics, Oratory Skills are all given a platform to be demonstrated in these clubs.